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Welcome to Defenestrate's Official Site

We have finally updated our web-site

This site is the place to get all of your Defenestrate information. It contains pic, news, and even sex advice from pimp daddy Greg.

Current News:

Defenestrate to tour this summer. The band has released a statement that they will actually play live this summer. It is expected to start sometime in July. They have already start writing some originals. Keep in touch to find out when and where you can see Defenestrate live.

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ewww...something is raging

This is the new band we are fueding with. They are close to Zipgun in music styles(one guy is in both bands.) Their name is the Raging Horomones(looks like puberty hit the singer early.) We'll have their lik and emails up soon. Peace out yo

What's New?

Brian and Justin speak out against work.

Defenestrate vs. Fat Tony
(Tony isn't even a band)

Justin makes local appearances...